After 3 months – yes 3 months, of stress, blood, sweat and toil we are finally in and I’m so elated. Jerome went to pick up the keys and although we didn’t do the whole thresh hold thing, we went in together and suddenly the elation has turned, not quite to terror – but was this flat definitely the bargain of the century or was there very valid reasons it was on the market 3 months before we picked it up??!! It just looks so small and are we really going to be able to fit a kitchen into the bathroom and do we really want to start knocking down stud walls? Maybe we should just repaint and get in and out, I know that’s exactly what Sarah Beeney would say…OMG I we now the couple that totally ignores everything that the housing expert Sarah Beeney advises? Yes…I think we are….

Second bedroom and bathroom

Master bedroom and living room

The Living room