…OK so last night, still high from the win that saw Guardian.Net! retain top spot at the top of the football league, I quite literally wolfed down left overs from the previous night’s dinner. We went back to flack to double check measurements and we’re off to Ikea. Yes, you read correctly, we’re doing the graveyard shift in Croydon. Jerome doesn’t really want to, but I’m keen as a jelly bean and we’re doing. And actually it’s the most successful journey to Ikea we’ve ever had. I log into the site where I’ve saved the kitchen I had completed pre dentist yesterday morning, grabbed one of the sales assistants and he could not have been more helpful. Do, do, do the graveyard shift in Croydon, he played around with things and has basically made a kitchen that fits into what almost feels like the smallest space in the world, with hopefully enough work top space to do actually do some prep.

Having a design for a kitchen makes it feel a lot less scary and despite not making it home until midnight last night, I am definitely feeling slightly scared. I think we’re going to go with http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/categories/departments/kitchen/10470/. It looks better than what it does online and it’s very reasonably priced – obviously not £349 once you’ve got all the bells and whistles, but I think it’s going to be ours after maybe just a little more research.