So, it didn’t take long, definitely not long enough. Last night started off very well, with the J man and I going into the flat to do an hour or so’s work. I was in the kitchen taking off the old tiles, Jerome was in the living room, trying not to flood downstairs as he drained the radiator, whilst simultaneously sorting out the front door, so I’m able to get in and out without the help of 6 burly bouncer’s. What a man?!

Anyway, a positive start was made when Ashley the gas safe plumber come in to give us a quote for moving the boiler from the main room to the new kitchen. What a lovely man? He’d been recommended by Rosie the Plumber and he didn’t exactly disappoint, but OMG! The cost of moving a boiler is unreal!! Anything between £2400 -£3500. Bearing in mind we want/need to get this done for under £10K we’re now already shafted as this cost definitely had not been factored in….Mmm