It’s only week 2, but it’s been quite a quiet week on the old flat front, with Jerome away doing the Duke of Edinburgh on Monday and Tuesday, I took a well earned rest too.  However, that rest turned into 3 days off and tonight is the first night I’ve been in the flat since the weekend.  Urgh – did we say we’ve got a 3 month deadline?

So, flying solo I filled in a hole that Jerome had created to see if we could expose some brick work and measured up all the rooms so we can order the flooring.  However, I have been told in no uncertain terms that floors and walls are definitely the last things we should be sorting out – so frustrating!  Although, on a more positive note, the kitchen has been ordered and will (hopefully) be arriving on the 30th and the bathroom will be arriving next Tuesday…So work has been going on, it’s just that it’s been more behind the scene.  Anyhow, until the weekend.