I woke up this morning feeling stressed.  After spending the whole of yesterday in bed – women’s things – and having far too much time to think about how little we have done over the last week and how much it has all cost us…I hadn’t woken up in the best of places.  So as I forced myself out of bed into the freezing cold – our boiler has broken – and headed off to do the weekly shop, leaving Jerome, Thomas and Candy to get on with the job of sorting out the flat, I wasn’t in the best of sorts.

Two and half hours later, I’m back, more skint, but ready to put in some hard graft.  Whilst I’ve been out Jerome has been sorting out the electric cables so as not to shock ourselves and thought about how to approach plastering the wall.  After a considerable time sizing up this conundrum I suggested that the best plan of attack was to get on with it…Jerome agreed. 

My main job today was to start on the wreck of the windows, step one, remove secondary glazing.  Now from a heating the room and noise perspective, I am totally anti this, however, from day one Jerome was like ‘ that secondary glazing has got to go, it’s hideous’.  I obviously put all the arguments up for not removing it, although, I clearly concede that aesthetically it’s all wrong.  However, after taking my time to carefully unscrew the surround and then even more carefully remove the glazing, only to see the whole thing more or less fall to pieces in seconds, I know without a shadow of a doubt will that glazing be going back on the window.  Jerome is secretly ecstatic – I can tell.

Secondary Glazing

In Tatters

So, now for dealing with the quite literally rotten window, first I have to scrape off any loose paint, then sand everything dow, then fill it with Ronseal Wood Filler, sand and repeat all phases until the window stops looking like it’s about to go the same way as the secondary glazing…I think this is going to take some time.  The great thing about this job, is although, it’s all quite boring the sanding is actually having extremely positive effects on me.  I’m actually able to stop thinking about time and money and just focus on the window seal, which has a highly desirable calming, relaxing – yes I’d go as far to say therapeutic effect.  It’s all going to be OK. 

Filling In