So, with today being Mother’s Day, the little Sis’ and the sprogs paid a visit this coupled with Jerome being the equivalent of a London Tour Guide on the annual Sacred Heart Bridge walk, it was never going to be the most productive day.   However, I would change it for the world, it was great to see Tia and Laila and with Thomas being so good yesterday, it was good for him to be out of the dust and debris and enjoying some fresh air.

How cute are my family?

Thomas and Candy taking a break (yesterday)

Anyway, Jerome came back to fold around midday and after chatting with us girls for a while, got a bit bored, made his excuses and headed back over to the bomb site.  His goal for the day, to make the frame on the ceiling to erect the plaster board and to ‘tidy up’ some of the masses of wiring that seems to be just every where.  I made over around 3pm and although, I know Jerome had been working hard for three hours, to the untrained eye is was difficult to see doing what…I clearly kept that too myself.

I came not only bringing fresh enthusiasm just raring to get going, but I’d also received notification from the lovely Clare Pedersen that she was back from her travels and she was coming over to get stuck in.  Jerome was shocked, I was pleased, the plan was to get her working on the second window.  So, as I cracked on at the window, as if by magic the slowest thing on two wheels – not technically on two wheels as she was pushing her bike up the small incline we call Ladywell Road as she’d overshot the flat – emerged like a glowing, bronzed statuette out of the shadows.  I kid you not, I’ve never seen a tan like it, Clare Pedersen had literally brought the sun from Thailand with her, and what a welcome addition it was.

So, I gave Clare the necessary guided tour, thankfully she made all the right noises…It’s ridiculous after making such a big commitment that both Jerome and I are still looking for confirmation that we’ve done the right thing from outside sources…Even if Clare, Ashley the Gas Safe man, Rosie the Plumber and Winger all thought it was the worst idea in the world – we’re in and we’re stuck with it now!  Sorry, I digress.  Clare made all the right noises and Jerome set her to work immediately.  

Pedersen is no slacker!

No I haven't got your double chin Clare!

After putting a sterling effort in with helping the man, Jerome heading home and left Clare and I to work on the windows.  Which probably wasn’t the best idea, because all of the enthusiasm and energy I’d brought to flat 90 minutes previously had kind of dissipated and I was just happy to have a bit of a catch up with Clare, before wanting to head off myself…Don’t get me wrong, we did do some extra work on the flat – but in all honesty I could have definitely done more.

We did get some work done

However, I’m not going to be too hard on us, Clare did an amazing  job of getting the secondary glazing off the second window and the sanding down of the base of the frame was actually mightily impressive.  I think my problem is, is that I’m a results girl and I need more instant gratification to feel that we’re really getting there.  I feel like we could be doing these windows for a week, Jerome would take one look at them and say, ‘yes, you’re doing well, but they still need a lot of work’.  I mean and that’s just annoying!  I think next time we’re both in the flat together, I would like to empty out the master bedroom, there are a couple of wardrobes and a bed base that the previous owner, so kindly left for us to dispose of.  So, we’ll skip that crap, get the carpet up and I’m going to get the paint brush out.  I think if we could

essentially have one room done – bar the floor obviously by the end of the weekend that would be amazing – a very big ask seen as I will be doing my hypnotherapy course on Saturday and recovering from a party in the Camberwell Castle on Sunday…OK, yes, maybe too big an ask to have it complete by the weekend, so let’s say next Wednesday.  Yes, that’s my goal master bedroom painted by next Wednesday and then I’ll get back to the windows! 

In signing off, I should just say another massive thank you to the gorgeous Clare Peddersen for coming over and lending a helping hand, you’re always welcome!  Many hands make light work and if you’re a whizz with a paint brush…?