…It feels like a lifetime ago that we got the keys!  I’m still stressing a bit about the fact we’re not doing enough work and Jerome is still convinced that we’re going to come in well before June.  All I can say is – here’s hoping.

I popped over to the flat tonight to put in the obligatory hour a night – except on a Tuesday when I have netball and walked into a different flat…Well, not literally, but Jerome had gone in straight from work, in order to tidy us for Ashley, the Gas Safe Plumber who’ll start work on Wednesday/Thursday and in all honesty I was amazed.  It was, well as previously mentioned, like walking into a different flat.  And because all of the debris from the floor had gone for some reason I was able to see the windows in a different light too – I know, I’m wierd.  Yes, I still want to start work on the back bedroom, but I could also see what I needed to do on the windows to restore them back to their former glory.  Whereas usually, I’m like, ‘Jerome, can you come and have a look at this.  How much more sanding do I need to do?’  Tonight, I just knew and I put it down to working in a tidy work space.  Well, you know what they say, tidy home, tidy mind – or something like that anyway.

So, as I surveyed my surroundings, I took the equally unusual step of turning on the radio, I’m usually more than happy to work in silence and I took great pleasure in getting the sand paper and block out, so I could finish what I started.  Obviously, I didn’t finish what I’d started because I was only there for forty minutes, before I had to be back for dinner, but the point is I really enjoyed it tonight.  No pics I’m afraid as the battery was flat, ’till next time.