I’m definitely not going to say that the honeymoon’s over, but I did almost lose my cool over where we were going to put the boiler tonight…Yes, that’s right, the position of the boiler.

So, after nummerous false starts we didn’t make it over to the flat until just before 9pm, far to late to be honest, but being determined to get over there 9 o’clock it was.  My mission was as previously stated to get the instant gratification I’ve been looking for, it was master bedroom painting night.  Whilst Jerome, measured up in preparation for Ashley the Gas Safe Plumber to arrive tomorrow – and that’s where it all began really.

I’ve always wanted to the boiler tucked into the chimney breast, Jerome has wanted it in line with the rest of the kitchen units.  This I accept on reflection really isn’t a big deal at all, but after a long day at work, serious lack of sleep after being unable to switch off from Guardian.net’s! devastating defeat on the netball court the night before, I have to admit I was feeling a tad ratty.   This rattiness translated into getting quite emotional about the 15cm difference we were talking about, so much so I had to leave the living room to prevent myself from attacking anything other than the bedroom wall with the roller….Which again, not so surprisingly now, actually did quite a lot to help me realise that 15cm, is 15cm.   Enabling me to take the higher ground and let Jerome do what he needed to do.

By the end of the session, I had done two and half walls, tomorrow night, I will be mainly polyfilling in the cracks, painting what’s left of the wall before coming in on Friday to sand down and give the wall a second coat.  I think the master bedroom is going to be the first room to be finished.  I keep forgetting the camera, but will up date with pics tomorrow.