So, after a quiet week on the flat front from yours truly, it was good to get back in there and see all the progress that had been made in my absence…Now, I use the term ‘see’ in the loosest sense of the word, because although, I don’t really know what Jerome has been doing whilst I’ve been other wise engaged, he’s been telling me that he’s been getting loads done.  He’s saved us at least £2K on doing all the electrics himself….In actual fact I don’t doubt this, but when I get over there tonight, all I can really see is a lot of floor boards that have been taken up and a couple of new plug sockets…Mmmm.

For the electrics apparently


However, the boiler is in – thank you Ashley.  And Rosie the plumber has now taken up residence.  And she very kindly let us know, that if we wanted to put in the power shower we’ve purchased (which I actually thought was part of the original quote)  that we’d be looking at an additional £700.  Joy!  It’s too late to send the shower back, so the brand new shower, will be up on Ebay by the end of the week…Motto of the week, ‘don’t get stressed.’