Yeah!  Good to be back and getting stuck in.  It’s my first evening back at the flat since Monday and although  it didn’t get off to the most promising of starts, my enthusiasm for the task allowed itself to be reignited after a short respite.   The problem lies with there being something wrong with the light in the master bedroom, note how I said something wrong with the light and not the electrics – because if I had said ‘something wrong with the electrics in the master bedroom’ that could have somehow been connected with the work Jerome has been doing in the living room with the electrics….And to connect the two would just be totally left field, out there, definitely wrong.  So, I’m not going to even suggest it…Moving on, so the grand plan to get the second coat on the remaining two walls in the back room was forced onto a bit of a back burner.           Yes, I know it’s starting to become a bit of a habit, speciality even, starting new jobs before I’ve finished the old ones, 1st the windows, then the bedroom and now I’m onto the hall, I refuse to fret though, it will all get done in the end.

So, whilst Jerome got on with glossing the window in the bathroom,  Rosie the plumber has been doing a good job in my absence by the way.  The suite is in and looks pretty good, Jerome has sourced us a new shower and taps which we will hopefully pick up tomorrow from Syd’s down in Brockley and I have finally ordered the floor and wall tiles the Premium Classics.  I digress.  So, I made a strong start on the passage and we now have a partly painted beautiful white hall.  I’ve got  no idea what possessed the previous owner to go with the yellowy, beigey, non-entity of blahhness  that is slowly getting etched from memory,  but there’s definitely something satisfying about painting over blah, with fresh, crisp white emulsion.  Yes, it makes a small space, feel slightly less claustrophobic and there’s definitely something reassuring about everything feeling just a little bit cleaner, but it’s more than that, that adds to the satisfaction…I haven’t quite been able to put my finger on it, but when I do will definitely share my thoughts on the matter.  Feel free to offer your pennyworth.

Pictures tomorrow.