So, Ashley has finally finished the work on the boiler and as workman, client etiquette goes, finished work = pay up.  So, following tradition we went through our respective parts with the only problem being, Ashley didn’t seem to want to take his money…Seriously, it was 8 o’clock, I was slightly peeved that despite getting on the earlier train home, it had still taken me an age to get the dinner sorted and I had just watched him count the cash 3 times already.  I knew the money was correct because I’d taken it from the bank and neither Jerome or I had touched it, however, 4 counts later he’s asking me if I want to get in the van whilst he counts it again, which is probably a good thing because at the moment I’m standing on the corner of the road, next to his unmarked van door, whilst he’s counting a wedge of money and in spite of my hideous ‘workman’s’ outfit I know what the scene potentially looks like to the untrained eye…Although, come to think of, me getting in the car and sitting by his side whilst he counts out a wedge of money; is that any  better?  So, he counts it out again for about the 6th time, looks at me and says ‘How much is supposed to be there?’ I’m like ‘£1690’.  He looks at me, looks at the money and counts it out again, putting it into piles of £100 – so there can’t be any mistakes.  He counts out £1770 and starts looking for his little pad: Total cost, minus the discount you asked for + the radiator + parts plus time.  He’s like actually the outstanding you owe me is £1700, I’m like ‘Oh, right’ whilst feeling a little confused.  I’d even used the calculator in the bank to make sure I’d got my maths right, and not only was I £10 out, but the bank seems to have given me an extra £80…Obviously, I’m going to check that to see if they debited £1770 or just miscounted an extra £80, but what ever the scenario, it all seems a bit unusual, I understand that we’ll all experience a bit of human error atit mes, but that’s way out.  I thought bank tellers were like human robots.  I will be investigating further.  The lovely thing is even as I was getting slowly more and more wound up with Ashley’s seeming inability to count, he was just looking out for Jerome and I only looking to take what he was owed rather than a cheeky little bonus and that in my book, needs bigging up.  So, for all your boiler needs please take Ashley the Gas Safe Plumber on my recommendation 07961289878.

When I finally get over to the flat, I’m back in the hall and a flash of negativity runs through my mind.  I’m now bored with painting.  Why does it seem to take longer to do the second coat than it does the first?  I then tell my mind to pull itself together and get on with it, I commit to working until 10 pm.  

Jerome also gets a little hacked off when his progress is hampered by one of the work man taking his tape measure, but seen as we have Thomas in tow, I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing as small children and paint, just don’t gel!  (Sorry.)  So, as they head off, I get stuck in.  Realising that if I don’t accept that I’m going to have to do a hell of a lot more painting this whole project is going to get a whole lot less appealing, so what I will be taking with me today  is idea that acceptance is key.

Progress – just need the taps…