The phrase, come and have a go, if you think your hard enough springs to mind.  There’s not a huge amount of mileage you can get out of STILL PAINTING THE BLOODY HALL. So I’ll keep it short and snappy.  Gave the bad boy a second coat and after a brief break started on the second bedroom whilst we still had light.

I still haven’t worked out why it takes longer to do the second coat than it does the third, but it definitely does and the fact I managed to get through 9 litres of paint – I started a new tub on Friday night – confirms that although I’m close to poking my own eyeballs out with a blunt pencil through sheer boredom, I am getting there.  It’s probably important to say that despite painting a pretty bleak picture of my state of mind after almost a month of working almost 7 days a week with normal work and the flat – there was one really uplifting moment that occurred whilst painting the bedroom today.  The intermittent rain,  dark grey clouds and lack of artificial light helped to create a really oppressive feeling in the bedroom, each contributing in equal parts to my black mood.  However, in one moment, the clouds broke and rays of sun fought their way through, streaming through the window quite literally lifting the tension and showing me quite literally, the light at the end of the tunnel.  When we’ve got the crap out, the floor down, the skirting boards painted, the window frame glossed, blinds up and a bed in…It’s going to look really lovely! 🙂