We have had the keys for exactly 4 weeks today and I have to say although the novelty most definitely wore off around 18 days ago, both Jerome and I excelled ourselves this even.

Jerome has been doing really well with all the plastering, bearing in mind he’s only done it a couple of times, the wall look exceedingly good!  Well done husband.

Could you do that?

So, not finishing dinner until after 8pm, I can assure you the last thing either of us wanted to do was go over and work on the flat.  However, I don’t know what came over us, but the knowing of what we ‘should’ be doing vs the knowing of what we wanted to be doing, managed to win the battle, forcing me to pull on my grimmer than grim trackie bottoms and head over.  Jerome continuing on the plaster mission and me on the 3rd bloody coat of the bedroom and I have to say once we got in and working, actually it was mightily satisfying, I was very proud of us!  Tomorrow we have helping hands in the shape of Nicola Collett coming up from Brighton and  the kitchen and bathroom tiles are being delivered, so it’s all go!

The bedroom on Saturday