So, today I worked from home, as we had numerous deliveries arriving today.  First to arrive was the big yellow van with the dreaded flat packed kitchen and as the guys unloaded and took the goods up to the first floor – which I was pleasantly surprised by actually as I’m sure they don’t have to lift a thing!  In, it all came bit by bit and I have to say instead of feeling excited, it was all a bit nerve-wracking.  There’s sooo much stuff and really not that much space at all.  I just keep telling myself that we measured everything up, it’ll all fit in…We measured everything up, it’ll all fit in…And if it doesn’t we’ve got 28 days to find out, it’ll all be fine.

Bathroom floor and wall tiles next, I was met by a slightly more A-typical delivery guy this time, when he got to the front door – of the house rather than the flat – and asked me where I wanted the tiles I asked him to just  put them in the hallway.   If you had seen the look on his face you might have thought I’d asked him to double somersault up the stairs with each tile strategically placed between his butt cheeks!  The reality is, we’re talking one small step.  I chose to ignore the pained expression and he rocked back out to the van.  Now in comparison to the arrival of the kitchen the tiles were a veritable joy…The tiles – in my opinion are beautiful…Even if they are slightly darker than the sample sent, it doesn’t matter.  I wish we had them in our bathroom!

Doesn't do them justice

The next thing to arrive, the new (practically the same as the old one I’d ordered) tap.  So we’re literally rocking and almost ready to go.

The final and most important arrival of the day, was my lovely friend Nicola.  So, after a bit of a catch up Nic put her work clothes on rolled up her sleeves and we got stuck in.  Mainly more painting, more coats on in the hall and the bedroom, 1st coat of gloss on the skirting board in the bedroom and then 1st lick of paint in the bathroom.  We are really getting somewhere…