Whilst my lovely, darling, gorgeous husband, lied in bed, mouth wide open, face stuck to the pillow with drool – no doubt – after pushing it just a little too hard the night before.  I rode over to the flat on my moral high ground and got on with it.

Although, trying to kid myself that I wasn’t remotely annoyed with my husband for going out until 6AM! in the morning and leaving himself in no fit state to get involved the way I abused the technique used for slapping the roller against the wall told another story….Sorry roller!  And then in order to really ‘show him’ despite him still being in bed in another building, on another road, completely oblivious to any efforts I might be making at all, I decided to attack the flat pack.  Yes, kid you not, armed with nothing but my wits and Philips screw driver I decide not only am I’m going to do it, but I’m going to do it well. 

So, what do I start with?  Definitely nothing to run of the mill – that would be cheating – I go for the corner carousel.  Probably the most complicated item to construct.  Hmm!  And do you know what?  Despite it taking around 3 hours longer than what it is probably supposed to, to put together I did it, all my myself…Well almost….

Some handy hints for putting together an Ikea Carousel Cabinet together http://www.ikea.com/gb/en/catalog/products/S39854309:

1.  Do follow the advice in the instruction pamphlet – yes sounds school boy, but needs to be said, if you don’t put some type of carpet, blanket down on the floor to construct, you will hurt your knees and you will chip the product.

2. Don’t panic, at times things won’t always seem clear, it doesn’t have to be an all out drama, just move onto the next section, things always seem to work to present a workable solution eventually.

3. Do not destroy anything that looks as though it might be there just for protective purposes – Ikea, don’t do anything, just for the sake of it, everything has a purpose!

Exhibit A - Broken Plastic Screw for hinge - no good!

Exhibit B - Oooh, plastic bit is working screw!

4. Don’t expect all the bits for one cupboard to arrive in the same packaging – to some people I appreciate, it maybe a ridiculous idea to expect one cupboard to come in one cardboard box, but you live and learn and once you know, you know.

5. If in doubt take the pamphlet’s advice and call Ikea.  Actually they’re really helpful and totally sorted me out, all they do is read the pamphlet to be honest, but once you’ve heard the same question a million times I suppose you become a bit of an expert…All the better for me.

When Jerome, finally rocked up at about 4.45pm I continued for about an hour, before in my most dignified fashion leaving for a very important dinner date…Had I finished the unit?  No. But did it feel good leaving him at it? Yes, and yes  it feels great living up here on the high ground!

Corner Carousel!