So, we return to the flat on Monday, feeling refreshed, rejuvinated and raring to go after enjoying a well deserved day of rest on Easter Sunday – I wouldn’t be doing my husband justice if I didn’t mention that he’d popped over to do a bit of this and that on Sunday morning for an hour before going out, so let it be noted.   Not going over to the flat on Sunday for me, was more neccessary than I could have possibly realized and definitely made today’s 10 hour marathon completely bearable… Satisfying is a word that barely scratches the surface when I think about, not particularly the mountain of work we got done, because in all honesty it probably wasn’t a mountain, but the slow, steady, methodical approach we took today, definitely produced results worthy of being proud…So I am.

So what did we achieve?  More painting…I know how much paint can a small two bedroom flat need….A lot, I’ve probably done almost 30 litres so far and there’s little sign of it abating, so yes, more painting.  But the exciting thing was installing the kitchen units and my fear of them looking totally jank has passed and I’m feeling quite positive about the whole thing now.  The other good thing is, we were both kind of worried that once we had the units in, it would make the rest of the space feel really small, but we think we’re doing all right on that front too, so please with that as well.   Basically, having quite a significant tick on half way marked off the list, really feels like we’re making progress.  There’s definitely a long way to go, but it felt really good getting them up there!

Not bad.