So, although, I keep forgetting to take the camera over with me, you have to believe me when I tell you things are coming along a treat.  I had the day of work today, in order to take Candy the much awaited Toto audition – yes, what a waste of time that was…On the upside of thing’s I got back home relatively early so went over to the flat.

Mr Ashley Flash – gas safe plumber with the greatest name in world – was finishing up some work on the boiler, Jerome was grafting out the back in the second bedroom which left me with the filling and sanding of the cracks – of which there are quite a few…I’m not sure what is was, perhaps working in the day time, day off work, I don’t suppose it really matters, but I really enjoyed being  there today.  I got rid of some of the mountains of crap that seemed to be piling up around our ear lobes and so there’s just a little more space which felt great.  I’m not a particularly tidy person, but I really appreciate being able to see the floor the flat; I believe that it helps me to focus more.  So cracks done, second coat on two walls most definitely a successful afternoon.