…Rhetorical question.

Yes, it’s been a while.  I’ve been suffering from what is known in the trade as blog fatigue…I’m white wall blind – white sick…But man flu, schmam flu, soldier on, I will.

So, I finally remembered to take the camera over so have pics of how it’s all coming together and I think I might be bold enough to say by the end of the week, we might just have a complete bathroom!  Jerome has been working like a dog since the start of the holidays and has, even if he does say it himself, done a mighty good job.  Windows? Check.  Home made, built in wardrobe?  Check.  Plug sockets in the spare bedroom?  Check.  Plastering in the bathroom and second bedroom?  Yes, yes, yes, all done.  Which basically means tiling in the bathroom can commence tomorrow and once completed (hopefully by Sunday) the man can crack on with putting in the  flooring for the rest of the house.  It would be amazing if we could have it all done by the end of April, I don’t personally think we’re quite on schedule for that, but Jerome’s hopeful, so fingers crossed.

Anyway, check out the progress.


After - good, no?

Old kitchen

New KitchenOld Bedroom (kitchen)

Old Bedroom (kitchen)

New spare bedroom